Bail for inmate upheld


POSTED: Friday, May 08, 2009

A state judge says $3.25 million bail is sufficient to assure Patrick Deguair Jr. shows up for trial on charges of murder, robbery and kidnapping in three separate cases.

Circuit Judge Michael Town denied yesterday the state's request to order Deguair held in custody without the opportunity for bail.

“;He knows he's not going anywhere,”; said Neal Kugiya, Deguair's lawyer, “;He's not going to be able to post that bail anyway.”;

Deguair, 31, is awaiting trial for charges related to a Nov. 7, 2007, home-invasion robbery; the March 27, 2008, execution-style murder of one of the other defendants in the home-invasion robbery; and the April 3, 2008, armed robbery of Aiea Cue.

Police said all of the robbers in the Maili case were armed, wore ski masks and identified themselves as Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

Kugiya said Deguair wanted Town to reduce his bail not to get out of jail, but to give him the opportunity to work while confined at Oahu Community Correctional Center. He said Deguair's high bail prevents him from getting a job in the facility.

High bail does not prevent inmates from working within their own modules, said Louise Kim-McCoy, state Department of Public Safety spokeswoman. However, high bail does prevent inmates from getting jobs outside their living units, she said.

Deputy Prosecutor Scott Bell had asked Town to revoke bail because he said Deguair is presumed to pose a flight risk, to present a danger to the community and to be at serious risk of engaging in illegal activity. He pointed out that Town had revoked the bail of one of Deguair's co-defendants in one of the robbery cases because the co-defendant was on probation when police arrested him for first-degree theft and operating a stolen vehicle.

Deguair's bail is $2 million for the home-invasion case, $1 million for the murder case and $250,000 for the Aiea Cue robbery case.