Getting driver's license for cheap golf isn't easy


POSTED: Thursday, May 07, 2009

Question: Who qualifies as a Hawaii resident at municipal golf courses? People come to Hawaii for vacation, get a driver's license, take this license to the golf course and get a “;Hawaii resident”; golf card. Can a driver have a license from more than one state? No wonder residents have a difficult time getting tee times. I read that at the Kahuku golf course, you pay half price if you have a resident golf card.

Answer: First off, it's not a simple matter for someone to get a Hawaii driver's license just to play golf cheaply.

While current statutes do not require residency as a prerequisite for obtaining a Hawaii license, they do require applicants to surrender any driver's license issued by another jurisdiction, said Dennis Kamimura, administrator of the city Motor Vehicle & Licensing Division.

While his division does check the National Driver Register, Kamimura acknowledged that system only flags problem drivers.

But an “;all-driver pointer system”; to determine if a license has been issued to an individual is being considered by the Justice Department under the REAL ID Act, Kamimura said.

Meanwhile, the City & County Resident Golf ID card is issued to applicants with a valid Hawaii driver's license, which is “;based on the intent that the person is living in the state of Hawaii,”; said Garrick Iwamuro, the city Golf Course System administrator.

City employees issuing the golf ID card will inspect all licenses for any fraudulent signs or defacements, he said. “;The police will be called if a suspected fake ID is used to obtain a government-issued ID, such as the city golf ID card.”;

Some people have tried to use the Hawaii State ID card as the single qualifying document in place of the driver's license. But it is not accepted as such because the ID card does not prove residency, Iwamuro said.

The state ID card establishes identity and can be issued to non-U.S. citizens, he said, while the documents required to obtain a golf ID card help establish residency.

In lieu of a Hawaii driver's license, the city will accept a picture ID (which can be the state ID), plus one of the following: a previous year's Hawaii state income tax return with a W-2 form; a current year state income tax form with W-2 form; Hawaii voter registration certificate; current real estate property tax assessment card for your Hawaii residence; a homeowner's insurance policy for your Hawaii residence; an approved Hawaii state tax clearance certificate Form A-6 from the state Tax Department.

The nine-hole Kahuku course costs visitors $10 for a round of golf. Residents with a city Golf ID card pay $4 on weekdays and $5 on weekends.

Q: I have looked all over the Internet for information regarding the road work taking place at the entrance to Hanauma Bay. Can you tell us what is going on there?

A: The state Department of Transportation is putting in “;improvements and upgrades”; at the intersection of Kalanianaole Highway and Hanauma Bay Road. The work involves paving and shoulder work along Kalanianaole.

Crews will be shifting the barriers in mid-May for striping and other work, which may entail temporary lane closings for a few days, said transportation spokeswoman Tammy Mori. The work should be completed in early August.