Lawyer dies in Kailua shooting


POSTED: Thursday, April 30, 2009

A client of a criminal defense lawyer sought refuge Tuesday night at his Kailua house from her ex-boyfriend, against whom she and the attorney had restraining orders.

; But that night, while Rusty Anoba, 41, was hiding upstairs in Craig Kimsel's well-fortified home, Daniel Kalani Kahanaoi slipped on to the property and shot Kimsel twice, police and Kimsel's family said.

Kimsel, 47, died at Castle Medical Center.

“;I know he didn't think he was going to die just helping her,”; said his brother, Chris Kimsel. “;He's 100 times more open-hearted than I am.”;

Anoba told police to look for Kahanaoi, 45, of Waimanalo, at his family's home, Kimsel's family said. Kahanaoi was arrested at a Kahaluu house on suspicion of second-degree murder.

Kimsel's girlfriend arrived around midnight at his mother's home to break the news.

“;She was hysterical,”; said his mother, Barbara Ankersmit. “;All she knew was he'd been shot and had no vital signs.”;

Kimsel, who dated Anoba in the past, spent about $14,000 to fortify his home against Kahanaoi, with seven-foot walls, combination locks and a security system with surveillance cameras and a monitor in his bedroom, his family said.

“;My son did everything he could to protect himself against this man,”; said Ankersmit, who added the home was like “;a fortress.”;

She suspects Kahanaoi wanted to kill Anoba, not her son.

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47-year-old Craig Kimsel died after he tried to protect former girlfriend, Rusty Anoba from her accused abusive boyfriend, Daniel Kahanaoi.



On March 17, Anoba filed a petition for a temporary restraining order against Kahanaoi for allegedly grabbing her by the hair and throwing her against a wall, picking her up by the hair and shoving her outside, after telling him she wanted to leave him.

She also reported seeing a gun under the seat of his car.

She also alleged similar abuse in 2008. “;I believe he was responsible for killing my dog,”; she said.

Kimsel filed a temporary restraining order on Jan. 22, alleging Kahanaoi blocked the road fronting Kimsel's home with his vehicle Jan. 14, then punched him in the face. He also left vulgar, taunting and threatening voice-mail messages. Police returned the summons indicating he could not be found. A judge dismissed the TRO March 4 because both men failed to attend the hearing.

The family said Kahanaoi also slashed all four tires on Kimsel's car.

Chris Kimsel related what three men working at his brother's home told him about the Tuesday shooting: One was returning with food when Kahanaoi followed him onto the property. Kahanaoi walked up to the entrance and demanded to know where Anoba was. Kimsel replied she wasn't there, told him he had to leave, turned and walked away. Kahanaoi then allegedly shot him in the neck, and Kimsel slumped to the floor.

Ankersmit questioned “;why this man had a gun when Rusty had told the court he had a gun and was afraid she'd use it on her.”;

Kimsel took Anoba as a client about four years ago, Chris Kimsel said. Court records show she was convicted in 2005 and 2007 of violating parole, and in 1999 for forgery and theft.