UH fans show support for hot-ticket Rainbows


POSTED: Thursday, April 30, 2009

University of Hawaii baseball is hot again.

And just in time for an athletic department with a beleaguered bottom line.

As of yesterday, fewer than 700 tickets remained available for Saturday's home game against Louisiana Tech (the third of a four-game set starting tonight and concluding Sunday).

UH has held its own against very tough nonconference competition and played close to .500 against conference road opponents while dominating against WAC foes at home. As predicted, an experienced team with an exciting local star, freshman center fielder Kolten Wong, has the turnstiles clicking. And if you don't catch corner infield sluggers Vinnie Catricala and Kevin Macdonald in the next month, forget about it—these juniors are gone in the draft.

The food at Les Murakami Stadium is nothing special, old-school ballpark fare, but it's very reasonably priced and more fans are electing to eat at the games.

Athletic director Jim Donovan estimated recently that the Rainbows program will come around $100,000 closer to breaking even than it did last year.

UH doesn't stand to gain much financially from hosting the WAC tournament, since most ticket sales profits go to the league. But a few more dates of parking and selling Warrior Dogs and big beers at what should be a packed house can't hurt.

» Some say settle and make this ugly situation go away. Others say enough already, make a stand and fight what will probably be a protracted legal battle.

But enough about Dennis Alexio's state tax problems.

Lately, when thinking about the Jim Bolla vs. the University of Hawaii fiasco, a line from “;Animal House”; keeps popping into my head.

”;... we could fight with conventional means, but that would take years and cost millions of dollars, so this situation calls for a totally stupid gesture on somebody's part ...”;

With that in mind, I'm willing to be the bagman.

If each and every state taxpayer (remember, this team belongs to all of us) sends me a quarter, I will present the loot (minus a small handling fee) to Bolla with the understanding that he drop his lawsuit and accept the next opening in the Temple University athletic department. There he can reunite with Herman Frazier. If they're lucky, they can again be the beneficiaries of a clueless and enabling Board of Regents.

» The only time I want people in authority changing the written rules on me is when I'm doing 65 (along with everybody else) in a 55.

So NBA refs (and, for that matter, hoops officials at all levels), please don't adjust the way you call a game because it's the playoffs, or the decisive play of a game, or both.

Bobby Curran and Alan Miya nailed it yesterday on 1420-AM. Especially Curran when he pointed out that in the refs' desire to “;not affect the outcome”; they do the exact opposite with inconsistent officiating.

» The guys interviewing me on Boise radio yesterday didn't believe it when I said UH is loaded at receiver but needs help in the secondary. Had to tell them twice.

» Which undrafted free agent has the best chance to make an NFL roster—Chase Daniel, Solomon Elimimian, Graham Harrell or Ian Johnson?

» The state ethics commission expects answers from UH about Sugar Bowl expenses by tomorrow. Another extended headache for Donovan and his crew.

» Anybody else think Rainbowtique should at least have a section called the Warrior Armory?