Faux real


POSTED: Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who doesn't long for fresh flowers in the home every week? It's a luxury that quickly falls off the wish list when counting pennies. There is a way to at least get the look, with a one-time splurge. Found at SoHa Living in Kahala Mall, these silk hydrangeas, by sia Home Fashion, are 42 inches tall, dramatic in a group and available in green (shown) and white. They're $39 each, but the initial pain you feel in your wallet will pay off in dividends of cheer year round. Store owner Brooke Watson has a bouquet of them in her home and goes one step further by putting them in a clear vase with water, which she says doesn't damage them.

“;Everyone sees the water and just assumes they're real.”;

Also from SoHa, by the same company, are green staghorn ferns. Use a single leaf or group them in threes in a black short vase for impact.

Spied in a Makiki mansion's double-hung windows during an event, the stained glass treatment at left fooled colleagues enough for one to actually reach out and touch, discovering it was a stick-on treatment. None dared ask the homeowner for its source. However, we stumbled upon it at Home Depot.

Made by Light Effects, at about $24 per 24-by-36-inch roll, you can install it with adhesive spray and a squeegee, sold separately. It's available in several designs, but the Texture 12 pebble, also by Light Effects and the rice paper, by Artscapes (both about $20), appeared authentic. It's perfect for renters to use on windows or doors where privacy may be lacking but strict rules apply for hanging curtain rods.

These ceramic tiles mimic the look of wood, but unlike the real deal, are impervious to moisture. They're the perfect stunt doubles for places where coveting a wood floor—such as a bathroom or outdoor patio—would be impractical. It's low maintenance as well; reseal it every year and it looks as good as new. Sunset Tile and Stone in Mapunapuna carries the varieties shown below.

“;The cherry is the most popular with customers right now,”; said Cleo Kovarik, sales specialist. They come in 6-by-24- or 6-by-35 1/4 -inch planks, and start at $4.86 per square foot. Pictured from left are oak, white oak, cherry and pecan designs.

Leave the coral groves alone! Cast resin coral can look just like the real thing. Theses were “;harvested”; from Pacific Home at 420 Ward Ave. and cost about $45 and up. You'll have visitors curious about your diving adventures, and you didn't even have to get your hair wet.