Brief asides


POSTED: Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Fore! Project ahead

The idea of building a golf academy at Mauuwai in East Oahu is an interesting idea.

However, any mention of cabins adds a sour note to the idea. Area residents have made their opposition to lodging clearly known, so it might be wise to let that idea sink to the bottom of the water hazard.


Time to reopen the gulags?

The Kremlin is puzzled by a ruling United Russia party candidate's challenging of his victory of a seat on a local legislative council in St. Petersburg, the Washington Post reports.

At the end of election night, Anton Chumachenko observed that he finished sixth in the race for five seats. The next morning, he found himself in fifth. Election officials say the ballots were damaged when a pipe burst. “;We have very smart pipes,”; Chumachenko grinned. “;They know exactly where to leak.”;


Holding on to a piece of history

In today's instant-gratification, rush-rush, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of history. Or a treasured slower pace.

That's why when the National Trust for Historic Preservation put out its annual list of sites it considers endangered by neglect or development, it was good to see Lanai City make the group of 11.

Lanai City features plantation-style homes built in the early 1900s by pineapple baron James Dole, which National Trust President Richard Moe describes as “;the last remaining intact plantation town in Hawaii.”; Lots of old-time isle ambience, lots of old-time history.

The trust saw fit to include Lanai City because landowner Castle & Cooke is asking to raze or change up to 20 of the old buildings to make way for commercial development. Let's hope careful scrutiny and planning go into striking a delicate balance.