Man arrested for killing pig


POSTED: Sunday, April 26, 2009

Police were called after a hunter allegedly killed a pet pig at a Hawaii Kai animal sanctuary.

The baby pig belonged to the Hawaii Animal Sanctuary, which takes care of ill or handicapped animals at a farm on Kamilonui Place, said Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board member Gary Weller, who owns the farm.

Weller, who was not home during the incident yesterday, said the man drove up a private road and set loose hunting dogs that tore into the pig. Then the man stabbed it at least twice.

Volunteers heard the dogs and the pig squealing and came out to see the pig get stabbed, he said.

Weller said police were called and the man was arrested.

The 6-month-old pig weighed about 75 pounds and was blind at birth. The pig was named Keller, after Helen Keller, he said.

Weller said this is the second time in six months that hunters have killed a pig on his property.