Matson increases fuel fee


POSTED: Saturday, April 25, 2009

Matson Navigation Co., citing a 10 percent increase in bunker fuel prices since November, is boosting its fuel surcharge 1.5 percentage points for its Hawaii service after six consecutive decreases over a two-month period.

The state's largest ocean shipper said yesterday that the increase to 16.5 percent from 15 percent will be effective May 24. The shipper also said it would increase its surcharge to 18 percent from 16.5 percent for its Guam/CNMI and Micronesia service on May 24.

“;Fuel costs have stabilized significantly since the dramatic spikes the world experienced from 2005 through 2008,”; said Dave Hoppes, Matson's senior vice president, ocean services. “;Unfortunately, recent trends have resulted in increases in fuel-related costs that have had an impact on Matson's operating costs and are an unavoidable expense for transporting goods.”;

Horizon Lines, which is at 15 percent, could not be reached. Pasha Hawaii, which is at 12.5 percent, said it will make a decision next week.




Changing direction


        Matson Navigation Co. is increasing its fuel surcharge after six straight decreases.

Aug. 31, 200842.25%
Sept. 21, 200837.5%
Oct. 12, 200833.0%
Oct. 19, 200827.0%
Nov. 2, 200825.0%
Nov. 16, 200819.5%
Nov. 30, 200815.0%
May 24, 200916.5%