Anderson wins Council seat


POSTED: Friday, April 24, 2009

The political dynamics of the City Council are not expected to change with the election of J. Ikaika Anderson, observers say.





        » J. Ikaika Anderson: 12,582 votes

» Steve Holmes: 3,612 votes


» Tracy Nakano Bean: 2,617 votes


» Keoki Leong: 2,173 votes


» John Henry Felix: 1,825 votes


» Pohai Ryan: 869 votes


» Wilson Kekoa Ho: 832 votes


» Paul Akau: 337 votes


» Tom Pico Jr.: 324 votes


» Sol Naluai: 175 votes


» Leona Mapuana Kalima: 147 votes




His predecessor and former boss, the late Barbara Marshall, often was seen as the deciding vote when issues split the nine-member Council 4-4, and Anderson is seen as a Council member-elect who would continue her independent streak.

“;I think it's a statement by the district of who they want representing them,”; said Council Chairman Todd Apo.

Anderson handily won the right to complete the term of Marshall, his boss of the past six years. She died Feb. 22 of colon cancer just months after winning re-election to her District 3 seat representing parts of Kaneohe, Kailua and Waimanalo.

“;I am going to do what I think is right,”; Anderson said last night in an interview. “;I'm not aligned to any faction of the Council, and I know the Council is factionally split 4-4.

“;I'm not interested in that, though. I'm just looking forward to getting to work for the people of my district.”;

Apo welcomed the independence shown by Anderson.

“;I don't think he has any strong ties with the mayor or any strong ties against the mayor,”; Apo said. “;My hope, being the Council chair now, is that we get to a point where we're working more on an issue-based relationship and dealing with things step by step and not by whether the mayor likes it or not. We've got to be dealing with things that serve the people.”;

Anderson came away with 49 percent of the 25,564 votes cast in the special mail-in election that concluded last night.

Voter turnout was 45 percent. The city mailed 56,471 ballots to registered voters in the district.

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Anderson wins by a landslide.

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Anderson's 12,582 votes more than tripled the 3,612, or 14 percent, of runner-up Steve Holmes, a former Council member who represented the district in the 1980s and '90s.

Mayor Mufi Hannemann congratulated Anderson on the victory, noting that he has had a good working relationship with him as he served Marshall.

“;I think he's going to be a fine addition to the Council and will keep an open mind—not just on issues that affect the Windward side, but also the rest of the island,”; Hannemann said. “;I really like the fact that he's saying—with respect to rail, for example—that the people have spoken and he wants to make sure that it's built right.

“;He enjoyed the support of many pro-rail advocates, and I think that's a big plus for us.”;

After completing Marshall's term in 2012, Anderson would be eligible to serve two more consecutive terms.