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POSTED: Sunday, April 19, 2009


”;Mililani Mauka”;

» Author: Chris McKinney
» Published by Mutual Publishing
» Price: $12.95
Chris McKinney's newest novel “;Mililani Mauka”; follows in the same vein as his three previous novels; “;The Tattoo,”; “;The Queen of Tears,”; and “;Bolohead Row.”; Taking his usual in-depth look at the “;other”; side of Hawaii, McKinney has carved out a highly defined niche as a writer unafraid to examine the darker shade of paradise.



”;Crossing the Water: The Alska-Hawaii Triolgies”;

» Author: Irving Warner
» Publisher: Pleasure Boat Studio
» $Price: $16.00
Author Irving Warner has lived in Alaska and Hawaii and has written a small collection of stories reflecting his understanding of each distinctive place. The book is divided into two sections, with each section containing a trilogy of short stories set in each state.