Always seeking ways to improve


POSTED: Sunday, April 19, 2009

With today's edition, we have published the new-look Star-Bulletin every day of the week, discovering ways every day to improve the paper.

Your response has been overwhelmingly favorable. You like the approach we are taking, in terms of what we publish, how we present it and the fact that the new size is easy to read on the beach and bus, at the breakfast table and just about everywhere.

But we know that as much as we would like to please all readers, newspapers—unlike most magazines, which are aimed at specific, narrowly defined markets—cater to a large audience with diversified priorities that can't always be satisfied.

We will be working to fine-tune the paper in the coming weeks. Today, for example, we are expanding the index on this page to help guide you to your desired sections and pages.

Readers have suggested changes, big and small, which we appreciate. For example, a reader asked why we don't run same-day horoscopes since we are now a morning-only paper. Good point, and tomorrow we will start printing same-day horoscopes.

Thank you for reading the Star-Bulletin. With help from our readers, we will continue to evolve and improve.