Our school theme is "pono," living with respect and harmony for everyone and everything. H


POSTED: Friday, April 17, 2009

; Amber Keola
“;I've volunteered at Summer Fun every summer since I was in the seventh grade. Generally, I like working with kids, so I also volunteered to coach the sixth-graders' volleyball team here at La Pietra.”;


; Carolina Gamarra
“;For me, I spend a lot of time in nature - things like picking up garbage and trash and making sure that other people respect nature.”;


; Salote Lopes-Luitolo
“;I've been kind to all my friends. I help them when we study for tests and stuff. I'm also respectful to my teachers. I listen to directions in class, and I turn in all my homework on time.”;


; Aisha Rahman
“;I think I've been living pono. I'm nice to everyone and try not to make people feel bad. I try to take responsibility for what I do.”;


; Brittany Lieu
“;How I have pono in my life is by respecting my classmates and teachers. I do that by respecting my classmates' personal space, helping them when needed and not talking when the teacher is talking.”;