Treats, words, praise teach dog how to sit


POSTED: Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Question: How do I teach my new dog to sit?

Answer: Hold a treat near your pet's nose, just out of reach. Slowly move the treat over your pup's head, toward the tail. Say your dog's name and give the command, “;Sit.”;

Keep the treat at nose level. If it is held too high, the dog will jump. Say the word “;good”; at the exact second the dog sits. Praise abundantly and give your pet a treat for any movement that resembles the sit position. Release your pet from the position with the “;release”; or “;free”; command.

Your dog might not sit on the first few tries. Repeat the first steps until your dog's rear touches the ground. As soon as that happens, give a simple sound reward such as a click from a clicker or a verbal “;Yes”; — then a treat immediately. Repeat this process several times in each session. And try to conduct two sessions a day with lots of praise.


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