Dental care is available to new vets


POSTED: Sunday, April 12, 2009

Question: Can the Department of Veterans Affairs provide dental care to recently discharged veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Answer: Recently discharged veterans whose discharge record clearly indicates either that dental services were not provided within 90 days of discharge or that dental treatment was not completed for those who served on active duty 90 days or more and who apply for VA dental care within 90 days of separation from active duty may receive a one-time treatment for dental conditions and follow-up treatment. For more information, go to http://www.seamlesstransition.va.gov or call 433-0600.

Q: What is the geographic means test for priority group 8 veterans?

A: Congress recognized that income alone is not always a fair measure of one's standard of living because of the differences in the cost of living in different areas of the country. Congress modified VA's system of determining a veteran's enrollment status and ability to pay for health care by creating a geographically based income limit. Co-payments are reduced for those veterans whose income falls below these new geographic income thresholds. The geographic income thresholds are adjusted for all standard metropolitan statistical areas and are updated periodically to reflect economic changes. Information is available at http://www.hsblinks.com/78. For information, contact 433-0600.


If you have questions about your benefits as a veteran, call Fred Ballard at the Department of Veterans Affairs at 433-0049.