Science program praised


POSTED: Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The science program at Lutheran High School covers most fields of basic scientific study. Small class sizes let teachers focus on the students and give them extra instruction if they need it. Students find this useful, as some concepts are difficult to grasp.




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In the freshman year, students are required to take Earth science, emphasizing changes in the Earth and space over time. Topics include rocks and minerals, erosion and weathering, earthquakes, volcanoes, Hawaiian geology, astronomy and the origin of life. These concepts help students to understand the Earth's processes and its place in space.

According to freshman Aaron Lee, the concepts in Earth science are “;often difficult to grasp, but Dr. (Frank) Lutz explains the material well.”;

Lauren George, a freshman, said: “;In earth science, we have a whole section on creation versus evolution. I think it's cool that we are presented with both sides. It is like a debate.”;

Sophomores are required to take biology. According to biology teacher Amanda Arceo-Hosken, Lutheran's biology course, unlike other schools, discusses creationism.

“;The best part about biology is that we get to dissect,”; sophomore Kyle Kurata said. “;My favorite part of the class was when we learned about amphibians and had to dissect a frog.”;

Chemistry is offered to juniors and seniors. Throughout the year, the students complete a plethora of lab experiments. The high frequency of experiments helps students understand certain concepts.

Lutz, who also teaches chemistry, said: “;Taking chemistry at Lutheran High will prepare students for college. I have received reports from alumni who were previously enrolled in college chemistry classes; they have said that prior knowledge of lab procedures and writing lab reports have made their college chemistry experiences easier.”;

Many students enjoy the way Lutz teaches. Junior Bronson Hagihara said: “;Dr. Lutz isn't so strict that chemistry is not enjoyable. He makes jokes and demonstrates certain reactions that we usually wouldn't witness otherwise.”; Students also enjoy the various lab topics covered.

“;I enjoyed doing the lab about the hardness of local water samples,”; junior Hyelim Shin said. “;It was interesting to learn how much extra material is in our water, and it was easy to comprehend the concepts. I like chemistry because it applies to so many things in my life.”;

Physics, like chemistry, is taught at a level slightly higher than a regular college preparatory class. Lutz has received reports from alumni similar to those he received about chemistry. Most of his students that go on to college physics courses receive grades in the A-to-C range. On the end-of-course physics test, most Lutheran students score above the 60th percentile.

“;Dr. Lutz uses a lot of labs so we can understand forces in the universe,”; commented senior Reed Shinsato. “;Our science program basically covers everything to get you started in college.”;

Senior Devin Kawamura said: “;We do some strange labs. One day we used a Van de Graaff generator to learn about static electricity. We were shocking each other and ourselves with the electricity.”;

Students at Lutheran High appreciate the help the science teachers offer them.

“;I know I can always count on Dr. Lutz for help, whether it is before school, at break, at lunch, or after school,”; senior Callie Takahashi said. “;He always answers in a patient manner.”;

Senior Amber Yoro said: “;I appreciate Dr. Lutz correcting me for every little thing. He's very precise, so in a way, it teaches me to be more accurate and forces me to use my full potential.”;