Man's fatal stabbing called self-defense


POSTED: Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Glenn J. Keohokapu Jr. fatally stabbed a man outside a Kaneohe karaoke bar last June in self-defense.

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36-year-old Glenn Keohokapu admitted to fatally stabbing 19-year-old Steven Wilcox during a domestic argument in court Monday, but Keohokapu claims that Wilcox was the one who provoked the fight.



That is what his lawyer, Ben Ignacio, told a state jury yesterday on the first day of Keohokapu's murder trial.

Keohokapu, 36, is on trial for second-degree murder in the June 8 death of Steven Wilcox.

Wilcox, 19, bled to death from a stab wound to his heart.

Deputy Prosecutor Kristine Yoo showed the jury a picture of Wilcox's heart with the stab wound in it. She also showed the jury a picture of the weapon left at the scene, a folding knife with a 3 1/2 -inch blade.

Yoo said Keohokapu and Wilcox encountered each other inside Club Komomai. Keohokapu got upset because he thought Wilcox's friend was trying to pick up his wife. She said Wilcox bought everybody a round of drinks to make peace.

Witnesses told police Keohokapu and his wife later went outside and started arguing.

Yoo said Wilcox went outside to meet with his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot and saw Keohokapu shove his wife. She said Wilcox told Keohokapu, “;Hey, that's one wahine. That's one female.”;

Both sides said witnesses will testify that they saw Wilcox put down his open beer bottle, take off his shirt and jewelry, and prepare for a fistfight with Keohokapu.

Ignacio said Keohokapu did not want to fight, but he armed himself with a knife because there was something about Wilcox that scared him.

“;(Wilcox) is being aggressive, he's being reckless, he's being fearless,”; Ignacio said.

During the confrontation, Ignacio said, Keohokapu even warned Wilcox that he had a knife.

Kaneohe Shopping Center security guard Anthony Bryant testified he heard Keohokapu say, “;Come and I'll stab that f—.”;

Yoo said Keohokapu's brother was in between the two men trying to break up the fight when Keohokapu was able to maneuver the knife around his brother and stab Wilcox.

Following the stabbing, Keohokapu and his wife drove off. Police arrested him the following day.