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POSTED: Thursday, April 02, 2009

Calorie info would help us make better choices

This is in response to the Feb. 25 article by Helen Altonn on calorie counters at fast-food places and their drive-through service. As a parent juggling activities and commitments day after day, going to fast-food places is an easy option. Information on calorie counts in drive-throughs will challenge food places to come up with healthier alternatives and give parents an opportunity to teach children how to make wiser choices. I cannot see this as an added expense considering that research has been done by franchises and it is just a matter of posting the same type of information that has already been made available in their mainland counterparts.

Buying fast food is part of our daily lives in Hawaii. Perhaps it will take an extra effort in the beginning to get into the habit of choosing low-calorie items but the overall investment of time and effort will pay off in healthier eating habits later on in the lives of Hawaii children.

Annabelle Stone





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Budget marks another misstep for governor

I think Gov. Linda Lingle deserves an award for her terrible judgment and costly mistakes. She backed George W. Bush nine years ago, and we are still suffering from the consequences of that disastrous and criminal cabal of misleaders. She supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq, with all its destruction, loss of life and huge costs.

When the oil companies were bilking us at the pumps last year, Lingle opposed putting a cap on the price of gas and never criticized the oil companies. Meanwhile, thousands of local families and businesses were put through the ringer. When Barack Obama ran for president, Lingle pushed for John McCain and Sarah Palin, and actually left Hawaii to campaign for Palin, one of the least-qualified vice-presidential candidates of all time!

Now Lingle has decided to cover state budget shortfalls by cutting the pay of state employees, reducing their benefits and cannibalizing their medical benefits. This is in line with the oft-employed policy of punishing workers whenever the ruling class screws up. We should oppose this unfair way of reconciling the state budget and speak out against any further missteps of this governor. The end of her term cannot come soon enough.

John Witeck


HSTA subsidiary wasn't mismanaged

I find it difficult to believe that the Member Benefits Corporation is being dissolved and that the officers of the MBC were, as the Hawaii State Teachers Association puts it, guilty of mismanagement.

All actions taken by the officers were dictated by the MBC board of directors and vetted by legal counsel and consultants. Financial reports were provided to the HSTA and its board of directors, IRS, Hawaii tax department, Hawaii labor board and all agencies that dealt with the MBC. The MBC officers knew their actions had to be “;squeaky clean”; since they worked for Hawaii's public school teachers.

I have known the officers and staff of the MBC for many years and always found them to be highly professional, caring and competent individuals. I would characterize the MBC officers and staff as having created a working environment that was always a pleasure to visit because of the responsiveness of its individuals.

Knowing this, I can only assume that HSTA's leadership had some other motive for dissolving MBC.

I am disappointed in HSTA.

Vaughn K. Tokashiki

Retired teacher


Council needs member like Steve Holmes

I am pleased that Steve Holmes is willing to represent Windward Oahu on the City Council once more. During the 12 years he served, he did so with honesty and integrity. He was involved in the formulation of our Koolaupoko Sustainable Community Plan. He is an expert on clean water and energy conservation issues, and is knowledgeable about transportation matters.

I feel especially indebted to Holmes for his leadership in the safeguarding of our natural and cultural resources. He played an important role not only in the preservation of Mount Olomana, Kawainui Marsh, the Kaiwi Coast and other sites, but also in the acquisition of land for community and park use. The drive along the scenic shoreline near Waiahole Beach Park always reminds me of Holmes' role in acquiring that acreage. It is also where he labored long and hard clearing trees and vegetation to open up the view of the ocean from the road.

In his protection of the environment, and in a number of other issues, Holmes left a valuable legacy. I hope that Windward voters will return Holmes to the Council. His expertise and vision are needed.

Ursula Retherford


We should have given homeless a ferry ticket

Tough times call for creative responses. We lost the Superferry; how could we have made the best of this situation?

We could have placed 800 of our wayward homeless on that boat, and given the Superferry the money that is being proposed to fly the homeless back to their homes.

Shelly Brown