Officer shoots at his attacker


POSTED: Monday, March 30, 2009

An off-duty police officer shot and wounded a man who attacked him outside the 7-Eleven in Makaha yesterday, police said.

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Police say the 25 year old man who was hospitalized in stable condition, attacked the officer and threated to kill him.

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The officer, a sergeant and 21-year veteran, was on his way to work in Kalihi at about 5 a.m. when he stopped for coffee, said spokesman Maj. Frank Fujii.

He had his coffee and was in his car in the parking lot when a 25-year-old man punched him numerous times and told him he was going to kill him, Fujii said.

Fujii said the attack was unprovoked.

As the officer was on the verge of blacking out, he reached for his off-duty weapon and fired, police said. Two friends carried the suspect to a waiting vehicle and fled on Farrington Highway.

Fujii said the officer was able to call in an all-points bulletin for the vehicle, which officers stopped a short distance away.

Two other males and two females were in the vehicle. Police arrested one, a Waianae man, 34, on an outstanding warrant and released him when he posted $150 bail.

The suspect was listed in stable condition at a hospital with gunshot wounds to the abdomen, said Bryan Cheplic, city ambulance service spokesman. Fujii said the officer also sought treatment.