Burglar makes a clean getaway


POSTED: Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Wahiawa private-school burglar acted like an unruly toddler: leaving the preschool toys out, scribbling on a whiteboard and stealing grain bars and ramen.

But then this burglar did something many toddlers like to avoid: taking a shower.

Hoala School officials learned of the break-in Wednesday, during spring break, after arriving at the quiet Lehua campus.

“;We found things in disarray,”; said Nancy Barry, head of the school. “;Whoever was there went through things.”;

They found the perpetrator had disabled an alarm system to enter the preschool and faculty area, then hit the school supplies and the shower. There was no vandalism but some crayons were taken. It was not immediately clear whether equipment was missing.

Officials changed the locks, secured the electrical box, asked neighbors to be alert and made plans to warn the school's 100 students about thieves.

Barry said it was the campus' first break-in and appeared to be done by someone seeking shelter.