Men get their day


POSTED: Thursday, March 26, 2009

The pace of women's fashion has sped up in recent years, leaving men in the dust when it comes to options for looking current. That could be changing as the soft economy, combined with saturation in the women's markets, has led entrepreneurs to look for unserved niches.





        Men's spring collections

» When: 9:30 p.m. tomorrow


» Place: Honolulu Design Center Cupola Theatre


» Admission: $10 cover; must be 21


» Information: www.kanemag.com


» Dress code: Club attire




The guys are about to have their day when Kane magazine presents its “;Fashion Fest,”; featuring spring collections from menswear brands and boutiques.

The event begins at 9:30 p.m. Friday in the Honolulu Design Center's Cupola Theatre, with clothing provided by Adoracion, HIFI, Organik, Kazu Couture, Diamond Head Road and Life Is Good, with eyewear from Costa del Mar.

The show will cover a range of styles, from Organik's casual eco-wear and Life Is Good T-shirts that focus on positive messages, to a sneak preview of handworked club-oriented attire from Kazu Couture, set to open in June at Pearlridge Center Uptown.

Sara Poland, co-owner of the soon-to-open boutique, said she and her associates were casting about for business ideas a year ago and thought it was a good time to bring in men's fashion “;because there wasn't a lot. As a group we decided it was a niche that needed help, especially when it came to club attire and high-end fashion.

“;We've done photo shoots with models, and they've been excited about what they've seen, so I think men are ready for it,”; she said.

At Adoracion boutique every effort was made to include men in the concept of a family-oriented clothing store geared toward those with a darker, edgier, rock 'n' roll aesthetic.

Brandy Antonelis, who runs the boutique with her sister Cheryl DeAngelo, said the store was set up the way they like to shop.

“;We both have families and do a lot of boutique shopping. At most boutiques you buy for yourself, but I also like the convenience of shopping for my friends' babies, my husband.”;

That's without switching off her rock-star glam sensibilities.

“;Women love it, and men love our shirts because they have Asian details like dragons and kanji on them, subtle details that get them noticed because it's different. They'll go out, get compliments from women and always come back for more shirts.”;