9 parked cars vandalized in Halawa neighborhood


POSTED: Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vandals cracked the windows of nine cars parked along a busy Halawa street in a Monday night rampage.

The sound of shattering glass brought several Kalaloa Street residents out of their homes just after 10 p.m. They said they saw more than one pedestrian leaving the area, headed toward Kamehameha Highway.

Neighbors said violent noise is not that unusual along the narrow curving street that has become a thoroughfare for motorists traveling between Salt Lake Boulevard and Kamehameha Highway.

“;I thought it was another car getting hit by a speeder,”; said Lynn Gamata. She hurried outside to find that one of the damaged vehicles was her daughter's Subaru station wagon, still parked curbside in the 99-100 block of Kalaloa.

On Saturday, Gamata's parked car was struck by a passing vehicle. Trying to reverse and flee, the driver got his bumper hooked under Gamata's husband's parked truck, she said. That accident was on the other side of the street and several doors away from the vandalism scene.

“;One of these times, someone will be killed,”; said Trini Cagasan. She said that in an accident several months ago, a speeding vehicle climbed the curb and crumpled the chain-link gate across her carport.

“;This one was deliberately done,”; Cagasan said of the vandalism.

Cagasan said neighborhood residents have tried without success to get the city to permit speed bumps or other traffic-slowing measures. Known as Halawa Valley Estates, the neighborhood is only five blocks long, a narrow strip of private homes adjacent to a sprawling public housing project, Halawa Housing and Makalapa Manor.

Amado Cabalo said another resident in his house had his car broken into 18 months ago.

“;The cars just speed through here,”; Gamata said. “;I tell my kids they don't go outside this fence.”; Nearly every home on the street is enclosed by metal rod or chain-link fences.

“;Home is supposed to be a safe place,”; Gamata said. “;What if next time they decide to bust up cars on this side ... or try a drive-by shooting?”;

Police Maj. Dave Kajihiro said a total of nine vehicles were damaged with blunt instruments. Police are seeking suspects, he said.