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POSTED: Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tax highly the bonuses of bailed-out execs

I think that most people agree that a bonus is a reward for a job well done, and are angered that AIG and various financial institutions that have made major errors are rewarding their executives with bonuses at a time that these institutions are taking bailout money from the taxpayers. A simple solution is to tax all bonuses given to executives at these institutions receiving federal financial aid at 100 percent.

Tom Wallace


Aiona should focus on bigger problems

In Saturday's Star-Bulletin, Lt. Gov. James “;Duke”; Aiona laments a four-minute “;Saturday Night Live”; skit about tourism in Hawaii. He fears it will hurt our biggest industry and deter people from visiting the islands. Does anyone think he is a hypocrite? Some people feel he might be one of those personally responsible for creating an atmosphere of intolerance toward same-sex couples seeking civil unions by voicing his opposition to House Bill 444. His testimony against civil unions has done more harm to our tourism industry than any late-night TV skit could ever do. Doesn't he realize that many people don't want to vacation where there is such blatant vocal opposition to the equal rights of a minority of Hawaii residents?

It also was reported that the Catholic Church is still dealing with additional claims as it has paid more than $2.5 billion to sex-abuse victims since 1950. Maybe the Catholic Church and Aiona should worry more about pedophile priests and not a loving couple seeking the rights and benefits enjoyed by others.

Walter Mahr


Public interest is not well served by media

I think that it is obvious that the media are predominantly controlled by narrow private interests. This situation was at one time regulated by a concept of limited airwaves based on the physical fact of the impossibility of using multiple radio or TV broadcasts in a given region on the same wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation at the same time. That concept was extended to a require a responsibility by those who were allowed to use the limited bandwidth available to serve the public interest, a decidedly noncapitalistic idea. Also, radio and TV broadcasters were not allowed to also own other radio and TV stations and newspapers in the same region.

These laws have been largely done away with, to the detriment of most people, in my opinion.

David Bates


Raising zoo, parking fees isn't unreasonable

It's unfortunate that Liana Petranek chose to complain about proposed increases to Honolulu Zoo entrance and parking fees without acknowledging the many improvements, such as the new Elephant Habitat, remodeled zoo entryway and new learning center (”;Letters,”; March 14).

Moreover, the 25-cent hourly parking rate at the zoo — which has not increased in nearly 30 years — has led to abuse. Many spaces are monopolized by employees of nearby businesses, who take advantage of the cheapest metered parking in Waikiki and leave fewer spots for zoo visitors. The proposed adjustment would bring the parking rate in line with meters on nearby streets.

Finally, Petranek's reckless claim, that Mayor Mufi Hannemann is “;looking after his golfing buddies”; by proposing golf fee increases that are more modest than she would prefer is just nonsense. The mayor does not golf; increasing green and cart fees by $3 for the first time in nearly 10 years is reasonable and would help spread the fee burden fairly.

Sidney Quintal

Director, Honolulu Department of Enterprise Services




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