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POSTED: Monday, March 16, 2009

Recycling makes better use of library materials

As a longtime user and Friend of Manoa Public Library, I would like to respond to the March 11 letter, “;What's the rationale for empty library?”;

There are several good reasons for reducing the size of the collection while the new library is being built.

Foremost is the problem of storage. There is no budget to pay for storage, so the materials will have to be stored somewhere within the library system. To store 15,000 library materials not being used in the interim library will fill 600 moving boxes. Some furniture also will have to be stored, although much of it is pretty well worn out after many years of hard use.

Then there is obsolescence. A library collection does not remain static. References and books that are current, or (maybe just a little outdated) today, will be less useful two years from now. Manoa's offering of titles to other public libraries has already helped the communities of Kahuku, Hana and Wailuku, and can be looked at as a form of recycling.

Replacing an entire existing library is a challenging and exciting project. The staff of Manoa Library is taking care to use or recycle all of the library's existing assets to the best advantage.


Kay Kibby


Friends of Manoa Library





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Americans can choose more benevolent God

Regarding the letter “;People can't override the authority of God”; (Star-Bulletin, March 11): In the United States, everyone is endowed with that authority!

One presumes the writer refers to that couch-potato god of Christians, Muslims, Jews and splinter sects who sits on his throne enthralled with daily episodes of his people exploding and butchering women and children because he has commanded them to worship him, not because he is more competent, benevolent, or just than any other god, but simply because he is a jealous god.

The bloodshed by millions of Christians, Muslims and Jews is minuscule compared to the tears shed by those trying in vain to serve a jealous god when common sense knows there is no pleasing a jealous friend, lover, spouse, or god!

The good news is that no citizen of the United States needs to waste their life or resources trying to please a jealous god, we can all choose to live in peace and harmony with our friends, family and neighbors. We can all chose to support a more mature god!


Rico Leffanta



Senators should have supported E-Verify bill

Both Sens. Daniel Akaka and Daniel Inouye voted against adding an amendment to the federal spending bill that would have extended the E-Verify bill for six years. The E-Verify bill, the federal employee verification program, makes sure that U.S. citizens get the jobs and not illegal aliens. There is no time like the present to protect jobs in America and to keep jobs for American citizens or people who are here legally and can produce the papers to prove it. I was told that advocacy groups are complaining to the administration that some people do not have proof of citizenship. Everyone should have proof of citizenship, and if they do not, they should get it. I think that is a lame excuse and kowtowing to groups who are advocating for illegal aliens in this country.


Sandra Gray

Kapaau, Hawaii


Lingle has done a lot—for Democrats

U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie's run for governor in 2010 (Star-Bulletin, March 7) clears a path to D.C. for Gov. Linda Lingle at the exact moment her last employment opportunity in Hawaii evaporates. The roster of Democrats available to oppose her hasn't changed since Democrats left the 2006 election virtually uncontested.

Mistake? Maybe, if you see a Lingle win as a Democratic loss. Maybe not, if you notice a supportive Republican can deliver more of the Democratic agenda than a Democrat, such as:

» delivering GET increases Democrats found unattainable under Democratic governors;

» restoring OHA's cash flow suspended under a Democratic governor, refinancing OHA's drive for Democratic Sen. Daniel Akaka's bill; and

» taking a minority Republican Party that still grew slowly against Democrats alone and leading it to insignificance—eight lawmakers.

Truly, what Democratic candidate has accomplished half so much for Democrats?


George L. Berish



Stop property tax hikes on owner occupants

Rather than cut spending even further, our mayor proposes raising our property taxes. Despite proposals over the years to revise the property tax system, our city government continues to base tax rates on property values. Senior citizens on fixed incomes continue to express difficulty in making ends meet. Those who rent out homes should be taxed differently than those living in their primary residences for a certain number of years. We cannot continue to sustain increases year after year and when the economy is bad. Let's be fair!


Roy M. Chee



Vigil united crowd in hope for equality

The candlelight vigil at the state Capitol March 7 had far more than the estimated 200 people reported in the newspaper.

After hearing about some of the hurtful things said in the public hearing held on the civil unions bill, I felt it was important to go and lend my support to the peaceful vigil organized by Unity Church of Hawaii and the Family Equality Coalition Center.

I was encouraged that, despite the rain, so many people showed up. The highlight of the evening came when Rev. Sky St. John asked the crowd to wonder what it would be like if there were justice and equality for all people.

So, for just one moment, I wondered what it would be like?

It would be beautiful!


Cindy Newburg