Quiet observations


POSTED: Sunday, March 15, 2009

Debbie Eveland has always had an interest in photography. She started taking pictures about six years ago, with a digital camera.

But unlike many photographers nowadays who covet digital, she's found a passion for film photography. “;I started taking pictures with film in a fully manual camera about three years ago,”; Eveland says.

“;I just like the quality of the photos. The color and the clarity. The film photos just looked amazing compared to the ones I was shooting with the digital camera.”;

Eveland also enjoys the process behind using film. “;It's a little frustrating to have to wait to see your work, but I like the anticipation of waiting to see what you've done.”;

She's currently using a Pentax K1000 and 55-millimeter and 75-to-150-mm lenses, and has been dabbling in other types of film cameras as well. “;I've been experimenting with half-frame cameras, cheap plastic quad cameras, and the Fuji Instax camera,”; she says.

Eveland finds subjects in a variety of locations. “;I take my camera with me on hikes around the island, or interesting places like Chinatown.”;