Killer claims memory blackout


POSTED: Saturday, March 14, 2009

Timothy Adarna's family went to court yesterday to ask him why he killed his stepfather and set the body on fire.


Adarna, 21, did not give them an answer.

After the hearing, Diana Hirano, sister of victim Robert Ramos, said the family does not hate Adarna, “;but we are still upset, especially after we saw the pictures of Robert's body, what he did to Robert.”;

Circuit Judge Michael Town sentenced Adarna to 20 years in prison for first-degree arson and life in prison with the possibility for parole for second-degree murder in Ramos' death, which occurred on Nov. 16, 2006.

A jury found him guilty of arson. He pleaded guilty to murder in exchange for the equivalent of a manslaughter penalty after the jury could not agree on a verdict.

According to his plea deal, the state promises to ask the Hawaii Paroling Authority to require Adarna to serve 20 years in prison for the murder. Adarna promises not to seek parole until he has served 20 years.

;[Preview]  Man Expresses No Remorse For Stepfather's Murder

Family of 55-year-old Robert Ramos failed to receive any form of remorse from Ardana.

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Ramos, 55, died from stab wounds to both sides of his neck. He also suffered stab wounds to the back of his neck, his back, cuts on his face and other cuts on his head consistent with a pickax. Firefighters found his charred body in the family's Ewa Beach home, which had been set on fire.

Adarna said he blacked out and only remembers confronting Ramos, being on top of his stepfather's body and the moment the flames exploded.

His family members said they are disappointed Adarna did not take the opportunity at sentencing to explain what happened. “;And I also still don't feel that I have closure to what happened that day,”; said Marie Ramos, Adarna's mother.

Hirano said statements that Adarna does not have a history of violence or violent outbursts are not true. She said Adarna always talked back to Ramos.

Adarna's hanai sister Brandi Olivera said Ramos was strict, “;like every parent would be, just because he was just trying to make us a better adult.”;