Royal Hawaiian prepares pink gala


POSTED: Sunday, March 01, 2009

“;Pink is the New Fabulous”; is the name of the gala planned for the grand reopening of the Royal Hawaiian, taking place 6 p.m. to midnight March 7.

The event will be orchestrated by celebrity event designer David Beahm, with fine food and wine, and headlined by Grammy-nominated trumpeter Chris Botti, to benefit the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific.

Tickets are on sale at $350 for individuals, or for the following levels:

$5,000 Royal Beach Club Cabana: For four guests in an exclusive beachfront cabana featuring cuisine and beverages from the new Azure Restaurant.

$10,000 Monarch Room: Table for 10 including a majestic, multicourse, wine-paired dinner.

$50,000 Private Party in the King Kamehameha Suite: For 50 guests, including an exclusive party in the luxurious King Kamehameha Suite, overlooking Waikiki Beach, featuring the finest cuisine and beverages from the Royal Hawaiian.

To celebrate this historic occasion, the Royal Hawaiian is also offering a local residents a special kamaaina rate of $192.70 a night for the March 7 weekend by showing proof of purchase of individual gala event tickets.

For gala tickets, call 566-3451. To book a room at the Royal, call 923-7311.

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