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POSTED: Friday, February 27, 2009

Adding Ko Olina stop might save TheBoat

My wife and I are retirees vacationing in Hawaii, we noticed the article in last week's paper about TheBoat and its lack of passengers. The route is Aloha Tower in Honolulu to Kalaeloa, Barbers Point Harbor, very near the inviting public access lagoons at Ko Olina. We went to Ko Olina to see those nice resorts and lagoons. From the marina at the southern-most lagoon you can see TheBoat about 200 yards away across the mouth of the harbor. But there is no timely or convenient way to get there from the north side.

If TheBoat were simply to make a stop on the north side of the harbor I am certain ridership would increase, especially on the weekends. Certainly vacationers like us would ride TheBoat and probably enjoy it.

Please consider this simple and obvious solution to increase the number of TheBoat passengers.

Jim E. Sollid

Los Alamos, N.M.

Jesus warned us about violating God's laws

Christian opponents of civil unions have recently been attacked as being hypocrites, since Jesus taught that we should love one another. These personal attacks conveniently ignore the fact that Jesus referred to the destroyed cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as examples of what can happen when societies violate God's laws. Our modern-day term “;sodomy”; comes from the pervasive practice of homosexual relations in those cities.

People who expect love and harmony to always be the fruit of Christianity have a somewhat superficial understanding of the religion. Jesus himself expected division to result from his teachings - “;suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, nay; but rather division: for from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three”; (Luke 12). An appropriate companion to Wednesday's Star-Bulletin headline: “;Civil unions divide Capitol.”;

Steve and Heather Hoag


It could lead to Aryans marrying other races

My birth certificate from the Nazi era in Germany contains a quote by Adolf Hitler, the fuhrer, “;The maintenance of the purity of Aryan blood will be the utmost important duty in your life.”; Meaning Aryans were to marry only Aryans.

Guess what I did? I came to Hawaii and married an Asian and put two lovely hapa-haole children into this world. Under German law at the time, that would have been impossible. Adolf Hitler would have turned around in his grave if he had heard about my “;trespass”; later on.

But times do change. Aryans marry non-Aryans, and blacks marry whites. Wowie! People get enlightened and permit new marriages - or civil unions, as the modern vernacular still calls it.

It's time for some repressed people in our fine community to grow up into the 21st century.

Gerhard C. Hamm

Waialae Iki

Don't choose a single religious view to be law

I write this as a member of the clergy with a 30-year history of ministry in Hawaii. It is now time for the state of Hawaii to establish provisions for civil unions between persons of the same sex.

The issue swirling around the bills now in the Legislature has been cast in religious and moral terms. However, I would submit that the essential issue is one of civil rights.

Religious leaders and communities hold differing views on the rightness or wrongness of civil unions. That is to be expected. Yet, the Legislature should not permit any religious institution or religious leader to dictate what is good for all the people of Hawaii. Legislators have a responsibility to act for the common good in a spirit of disinterest rather than act in support of a religious point of view, even if it is their own.

Let us recall the time Gov. John Burns set aside his own religious point of view and allowed legislation supporting a woman's right to choose an abortion to become law without his signature. In that instance, he acted for the common good.

We need to follow his example and allow same-sex couples to enter into civil unions. This will not only be beneficial to them; it also will enhance the health, stability and well-being of our entire community. This issue should be decided upon not as a matter of religious belief or morality, but rather as a matter of civil rights and justice.

Neal MacPherson

Retired pastor United Church of Christ


Supporters of jazz made for a great night

This letter is to say a public thank you, “;mahalo”; to a great supporter of legendary event to honor all of Henry Allen's contributions to Hawaii's fame as a renowned jazz guitarist all of his life from Hawaii. Tom Moffatt, the legendary promoter and a lover of jazz from way back, hosted and presented Henry in a musical setting highlighting his jazz performance and CD release with our own talented artists, too many to mention here.

Please give a big mahalo to Moffatt and his staff, George Chun and Andrea Dismuke, and “;Kiki,”; who unselfishly gave of their own time to host this unique event at Don Ho's Island Grill with manager Mike Maielua and Bo. Mahalo, mahalo nui loa, you keep this music alive!

Sherron Nohea Allen

Rainbow Records




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