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POSTED: Monday, February 23, 2009

Limbaugh, Hannity poison America

Each day I listen to conservative talk radio pundits Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. This country has much to fear from the wasteland that is conservative radio. Recently a congressman from Kentucky said aloud that Limbaugh should not be the face of the Republican Party. Spurred by Limbaugh, his ditto head listerners tied up the congressman's phone line with many angry callers. The next day the congressman was on the air with Limbaugh to grovel and apologize.

Hannity is the self-appointed leader of the conservative underground in exile. His three hours of hate and disdain for any point of view other than his should be disturbing to most rational people. His followers tell him he is a great American and Hannity parrots the same stupid phrase.

These two men and their followers are dangerous to our country. Maybe it is time for moderate Americans to take time and listen to their hate-filled message and start a campaign that will take them off the air. Silencing them would be unAmerican. Taking away their platform, the public airways, would be prudent.


Bob Lloyd

Ewa Beach


Election made it clear that voters want rail

If the citizens of Oahu voted for the rail, it's because they want rail. Tactics and excuses used to jeopardize the funds, in the hope of derailing the project, (no pun intended) underestimate Oahu voters' resolve.

Please don't touch the rail tax funds! If you don't like Mayor Mufi for whatever reason, fine, counter him with your own brain power and resources. This rail is not a Mayor Mufi thing, although he is the one with the wisdom, foresight and tenacity to see it through. It's our thing, the voters' thing.

All who are trying to sabotage the rail, don't promote your political agendas at our expense! How about getting in step with the mayor and President Obama's policy statement for revitalization? Let's get this canoe moving instead of looking for ways to sink it.


Pamela Plouffe



Changing words can't redefine marriage

The 12 Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee voted to redefine marriage by allowing HB 444 civil unions (another name for same-sex marriage) to pass unanimously.

These 12 lawmakers are attempting to override what 70 percent of Hawaii voters voted in 1998—to ban same-sex marriage in Hawaii. Traditional family values have not changed since then. The proponents of same-sex marriage knew this, that's why they came in the back door with a new name—civil union. It has nothing to do with equality or discrimination.

Marriage exists as much for society as it does for the couple. Every society throughout the world for centuries has held that marriage is designed to be a permanent relationship between one man and one woman. Marriage is the best way to make sure that all children grow up with the benefit of a mother and father.

God performed the first marriage in the garden of Eden (Book of Genesis). He has the patent for marriage and no one has the right to change it.


Melvin Partido Sr.

Pearl City


Who opposes bill to grant civil unions?

What do most of the people who are against the civil unions bill have in common? They are the same people who have fought for teaching creationism in our science classrooms, think that global warming needs further studying and that George W. Bush was a great president.

This is just something to think about the next time you read a letter from someone protesting against the civil unions bill.


Michael Golojuch Jr.



Make cycle riders carry health insurance

Drivers of mo-peds and other small vehicles are prone to serious injuries and laws are perennially kicked around to “;protect such drivers from themselves.”;

Nanny- (ninny?) type laws are detested by libertarians who admiringly advocate individual personal responsibility, perhaps more than individual liberties. Mo-ped and motorcycle drivers who are seriously injured end up in hospital emergency rooms and if these drivers have no medical insurance, the hospital suffers a frightful monetary loss, which ultimately gets passed on to all residents.

One possible compromise solution is to require—yes, another law—that drivers of mo-peds and motorcycles who use our public roads must have medical insurance and show proof every year, just as car drivers must show proof that they have no-fault coverage. Bicyclists, too? Perhaps, if their bikes are obviously built to be ridden at high speeds. Nearly all of them already prudently wear helmets. Wearing a helmet should remain optional, but requiring small vehicle drivers to see a video of mo-ped drivers' bodily injuries treated at emergency rooms will nudge them to buy and wear helmets or rely on bus transportation instead.


Alan Matsuda






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