Portfolio: Breakthroughs


POSTED: Monday, February 23, 2009

For photographer Joe Ruesing, the image manipulation program Photoshop has opened new doors for his art.

He'd been shooting for over 34 years, but about three or four years ago found a new passion for photography and the possibilities the digital realm provides.

“;With Photoshop there's no limit to the discoveries and surprises you can get,”; Ruesing says. “;It helps you to see things in a new way.”;

Sometimes trying different filters in Photoshop will afford breakthroughs for photos he would have otherwise not found as interesting. And the possibilities are endless. “;You can find a hundred different things in the same photograph,”; he says.

Ruesing, who lives in Hilo, loves the opportunities the island provides for his work. “;This is like a playground! It's like a paradise for artists and photographers,”; he says.

More of Ruesing's work can be seen at his Web site, www.ahzainnia.com.