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POSTED: Friday, February 20, 2009

Diverting rail funds would be shortsighted

I don't understand our governor and Legislature. Tourism and construction are the lifeblood of our economy. Along with military spending, these industries are the main engines that bring in money and keep our economy going.

With a worldwide recession, visitors might not be back to normal levels for several years. The construction industry also is down. The one bright spot is the $5 billion rail transit project. That project will keep the construction industry going for many years. And when construction workers are employed, they spend their paychecks on groceries, meals and other goods and services that help keep other local businesses going, too.

It would be shortsighted and a huge mistake for our governor and Legislature to divert the rail funds to balance the state budget. Surely they must have better ideas.


Blake Miyasaki

Hawaii Kai


Why not have HTA sponsor sports events?

Hawaii lost the Pro Bowl for at least one year. The Fields Open couldn't find a sponsor for 2009. Now the SBS Open looks like it could disappear if the LPGA and/or Seoul Broadcasting System don't renew.

Since the Pro Bowl won't be here in 2010, maybe the Hawaii Tourism Authority can step up and use the $4.5 million it paid the NFL to host the Pro Bowl and host the SBS Open for a year instead. Even though times are hard, it seems a shame to lose all these events. Not knowing what the numbers were for 2009, the Pro Bowl previously generated $28 million in visitor spending and generated $2.5 million in taxes. A golf tournament won't match those numbers, but should be able to generate an economic impact to make it a worthwhile venture. Also, don't forget about the charitable component of these events.

According to the HTA, “;The sporting events in Hawaii are invaluable in giving Hawaii worldwide media coverage and generating awareness of Hawaii as a preferential destination for high quality events.”; Let's give it a try for a year and see how everything works out. We don't want to lose another event.


Tim Clark

Waikoloa, Hawaii


They're not really 'Americans first'

A CEO of one of the big financial institutions on Wall Street, when given an infusion of some of the bailout money, said: “;We're Americans first and bankers second.”;

Doesn't that statement hit you as being more rhetoric than substance, and that the reverse might have been more substantial?


Tetsuji Ono



Stimulus does fall on backs of taxpayers

A quote from City Councilman Duke Bainum (Star-Bulletin, Feb. 18) said, “;The budget and the economy is front and center. We (the government) have to make up the shortfall and not let it fall on the backs of our taxpayers.”;

Really? Then why is it that the only legitimate solution our government can propose is to create a taxpayer-funded “;stimulus”; package and company bailouts? How is it that taxpayer money would some how save the taxpayers? Why do the politicians, who made massive mistakes that contributed to causing the current recession, end up being the ones who try to “;fix”; it?

I might not have a degree in economics, but I understand the concept that money doesn't grow on trees (or should I say in taxpayers' wallets?).


Janae Rasmussen

Ninth-grader University Lab School





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