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POSTED: Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gay unions aren't like interracial marriage

So, retired state Supreme Court judge Steven Levinson felt despair and heartbreak when the voters approved the amendment against same-sex marriages (Star-Bulletin, Feb. 16). How does he think the 70 percent of the people who voted feel? When people talk about judicial activism, this is exactly what they are taking about.

I guess “;the people”; have to go to law school so we can see the comparison between interracial marriages and same-sex unions the way Levinson does. To me it seems like an apples and oranges comparison. But I guess if you say it enough, it is true.

Let's see, the last time I looked in an anatomy book two men or two women don't fit. It is a behavior that I as a parent would not wish for my children. Of course I would still love them. Homosexuality taken to its extreme is the end of the human race.

So you want me as a member of society to agree that this behavior should be sanctioned? There is a big difference between tolerance and approval. They have all the rights as any American citizen but “;marriage”; or “;civil unions”; NO!

Bob Bretschneider


Misunderstanding begets fear of equality

As expected, the civil unions bill making its way through the Legislature has caused controversy and some opposition from a vocal minority.

Some of the opposition is based on a misunderstanding of the 1998 constitutional amendment giving the Legislature the responsibility of determining the definition of marriage. Others voice strong opposition based on their personal religious belief. The first is an incorrect interpretation of the 1998 amendment and the second is a misplaced application of belief.

In regard to religious belief, many people of faith acknowledge four important realities: first, every faith tradition is granted the religious freedom to define marriage according to the precepts of their belief; second, civil unions will not deny that freedom nor endanger their concept of marriage; third, sacred literature (like Leviticus) that condemns homosexuality and that is 4,000 years old needs to be understood within the wisdom of more recent scholarship; and fourth, the real threat to traditional marriage is the failure of heterosexual unions to honor family values.

For these reasons, people representing many faith traditions support civil unions and marriage equality. This position is reinforced by the arguments for civil rights and social justice.

John Heidel


It's same-sex marriage by another name

Homosexuals currently have the exact same rights as heterosexuals: to marry someone of the opposite sex. The currently proposed “;civil union”; bill (HB444) is nothing but same-sex marriage with alternative wording. The people of Hawaii voted against same-sex marriage, and the votes were about 70 percent AGAINST it. Any politicians who try to slip this one by the people should be removed ASAP.

Steve Williams


Better wear a hard hat on Kaiulani Street

If you are walking or driving on Kaiulani Street in Waikiki, please watch out for the very tall coconut palm tree on the Ewa side of the street, between Cleghorn and Tusitala. It is full of coconuts that could very well fall on someone. I have contacted the proper agencies, and have found out that the tree is on the private property of a condo. The condo manager has been contacted twice within the last month and a half, but the danger still remains. I hope that no one gets hurt, and that the persons responsible for the tree will take the proper action to keep an unfortunate accident from happening.

M. Steinhauer


Ditties gloss over all the liberal follies

In response to Joe Gedan's “;GOP's far-right creed”; (”;According to Joe,”; Star-Bulletin, Feb. 16):

Joe don't know “;jack”;

And based on this piece, this is a fact

He rants and he raves about the GOP

But he's loose with his facts in his commentary

He shills and he slants from the liberal base

While Obama and Daschle try to save face

Here in the islands, the Dems can't agree

Whether to give tax breaks or name a state insect for Hawaii

Joe's poems and rhymes, the libs do adore

But for us thinking conservatives, he's just an old bore

I'm sorry my friend, I wish I had used more tact

But it's obvious to me, Joe, you don't know “;jack.”;

Eric Seabury

Formerly of Hawaii

Lima, Peru

Protect and serve with integrity, not hypocrisy

My work has me in the Nanakuli to Waianae area afternoons and evenings; afterward, I travel toward Honolulu on Farrington Highway and the H-1. Last Wednesday and Thursday, I saw numerous motorcycle officers writing traffic tickets. On my way back to Honolulu at about 10:30 p.m., these same police officers, who just minutes before were writing tickets for others who were speeding, were themselves speeding. I was abiding by the 55/60 mph limits, and yet I was being passed by police motorcycles (without their blue lights on) and squad cars at speeds far greater than mine.

Also on Thursday night, while waiting on Farrington Highway at Leihoku, I was heading east. A motorcycle officer approached the light, heading west. Without even turning on his blue light, he made a slight right turn on Leihoku, proceeded a few feet, then did a U-turn from Leihoku to head west on Farrington. The maneuver served only to keep him from waiting at the light, like other law-abiding citizens! And I don't think I'm alone in seeing many police vehicles turning on their blue lights for no other purpose but to run a red light.

Granted, there are bad apples in every bunch, but the frequency of these violations committed by the very people who are charged with citing other people for the same things makes the appearance of the word “;Integrity”; on police vehicles a disgusting reminder that if you're in the HPD, you can act as if you are above the law. You are citing others for what you yourselves are doing. That's not integrity. That's hypocrisy.

Dave Verret





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