Isle vegetable harvest down


POSTED: Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Using preliminary estimates from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, the expected vegetable acreage for harvest in October, when compared with acreage harvested in September, was:

» An increase in acreage of 46 percent was expected from sweet corn, and of 20 percent for dry onions.

» An 8 percent decrease in harvest acreage was expected for Chinese cabbage, 10 percent for head cabbage, 22 percent for mustard cabbage, 25 percent for head lettuce, and 14 percent for romaine.

» The expected acreage for harvest was unchanged for snap beans, cucumbers, semi-head lettuce and green onions.

» Production from Hawaii's 2008-09 macadamia nut harvest is estimated at 54 million pounds (net, wet-in-shell basis), a 13 million pound, or 32 percent increase, from last season.

A fall survey of macadamia nut processors also showed that approximately 57 percent of the crop was already harvested by mid-November.

Respondents noted that timely showers, increased demand for nuts in shell, and improved nut quality were all expected to contribute to this season's higher output.