Global perspective


POSTED: Monday, February 16, 2009

Henry Richardson is a traveling man. A software engineer by day, he wields the camera in his spare time and on his many trips around the world.

He's been photographing for about 35 years and in that time has accumulated quite a collection. “;I generally like to take travel-oriented stuff,”; he says. “;I like to focus on people.”;

He enjoys meeting new people and immersing himself in different cultures. “;I like to travel and meet and talk to people. I get my backpack on, get on an airplane and just sort of wander,”; Richardson says.

One of his highlights was traveling to a remote village in West Papua New Guinea. “;I was there in 1995, and I was one of the earlier Westerners to go into the interior of the area. It was just amazing. You'd meet people who'd never met a foreigner,”; Richardson says, “;and they were great. They'd take such good care of us.”;

The traveling shows no signs of stopping. He and his wife will be embarking in coming months on a road trip on the mainland and then heading to Mexico before heading east to Asia again.

For more of Richardson's work, visit www.bakubo.com.