Corky: We remember


POSTED: Monday, February 16, 2009

Corky would want us to keep on smiling

My deepest sympathy to all in the newsroom for the sad loss of Corky Trinidad (”;Acclaimed Star-Bulletin cartoonist dies,”; Feb. 13). He has been my greatest inspiration in creating honest cartoon commentary.

I recall that he loved Abraham Lincoln's line: “;I laugh because I must not cry.”; Perhaps a good way to honor Corky is to smile as we always speak the truth to power.


Sandy Ritz



Corky's cartoons came first with readers

I am saddened by Corky Trinidad's death. I'm one of those who instead of diving for the crossword puzzle or comics, head for Corky's cartoon of the day. Best regards to his family. He was part of my family, too.


Marie Kanealii-Ortiz


Corky's influence on artists is his legacy

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Corky Trinidad. I really enjoyed the tribute articles that Burl Burlingame and June Watanabe put together on his death (Star-Bulletin, Feb. 13 and 14).

He was an inspiration to many of the artists I worked with when I was publisher of No Talent Comics more than a decade ago. In fact, I believe that his reach and influence into the Hawaii cartooning community will be felt far beyond today and by talent we have not even seen yet. To say he made me laugh on a daily basis is an understatement.


Eric M.H.H. Osaki


Hawaii has lost a local treasure

I was so sorry to learn that Corky Trinidad died Friday morning. Corky was a local treasure for Hawaii. He was every cartoonist's friend and a mentor to Hawaii's young cartoonists. Corky was also incredibly prolific, drawing a mind blowing two cartoons a day, with a color cartoon on the front page of the paper and a second cartoon on the editorial page, for close to 40 years.

Hawaii has its own, unique culture which Corky personified, and gave voice to in the newspaper. Corky was the ultimate local cartoonist; he connected with his local audience better than anyone else. Hawaii has a crazy stew of politics that is steeped in complex back stories and cultural flavor that Corky mastered and served up with warm, gentle humor, every day.


Daryl Cagle

Cagle Cartoons

Editor's note: Daryl Cagle operates Cagle Cartoons, a cartoon syndicate. He is a former cartoonist for Midweek.