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POSTED: Saturday, February 14, 2009

Online readers are able to respond immediately to Star-Bulletin stories through our Web forum, which can be accessed at the end of stories, editorials and columns at starbulletin.com. Below is a selection of forum comments that appeared upon the news of cartoonist Corky Trinidad's death. Most forum contributors choose to be anonymous or use pseudonyms:

“;Corky was always a real friend and inspiration to all Hawaii cartoonists, pro and amateurs alike, of all ages. It's not easy to come up with great ideas every day, and Corky did it with wit, heart, and a true sensitivity to Hawaii's unique sense of place (and sense of humor).”;—Deb Aoki, San Jose, Calif.

“;We have lost a treasure! ... My sympathy goes out to everyone that Corky had touched by being himself, with his humor!”;—Mike, Denver

“;Godspeed Corky. Putting a genuine smile on folks' faces is a much-needed art form. Mahalo for doing dat, braddah.”;—Anonymous

“;Although not a local, I checked Corky's cartoon every visit to the Star-Bulletin online. Always a delight, always a smile. Aloha.”;—James Grundman, Hayward, Calif.

“;You couldn't help but laugh every time you read the captions and saw the cartoons that Corky drew. He hit the nail right on the head. He leaves fond memories with laughter remembering those cartoons.”;—Mahealani, Hana, Hawaii

“;Bless you Corky for enriching my life. ... Though I never met him, I feel like he was a friend to me.”;—Anonymous

“;I did not agree with some of his 'ideas,' but he was good at conveying his thoughts with his cartoon.”;—Anonymous

“;It always amazed me how his cartoons could tell you just as much, if not more than, any printed story could.”;—Anonymous

“;I'm going to miss his quirky take on the political scene. He was able to keep a Hawaii point of view and commented on what was important to us.”;—Stewart

“;He brought laughter and attention to issues to many in Hawaii through the years.”;—Pakitapa