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POSTED: Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let existing dogs stay, but ban their sale

Regarding the proposed ban on certain dog breeds, such as pit bulls: How about if they let the existing ones stay, grandfather them in, but stop selling? Legislate against selling, let the “;breeders”; breed all they want, just don't sell. Hawaiian Humane Society kills cats and dogs by the hundreds every day. They, more than anyone, should want to see this, and also a ban on importing of puppies. One big pet store chain brings them in from Australia and New Zealand, as if we needed imports!

Barbara Ikeda


Bill's nonpassage would be GOP's demise

President Obama's stimulus try

If rejected will cause us to cry.

There will be such woe

Prosperity will go

And the Republican Party will die!


Dick Miller


Casino in Vegas could save Hawaii's budget

If a majority believes that gambling is a possible solution to our state's money woes, let's ask our governor to buy a hotel/casino in Las Vegas. We could design it to look very Hawaiian, give it a Hawaiian name and identity; hire employees from among the thousands of Hawaiians now living there; put on some great Hawaiian entertainment; offer special bargain rates (free rooms and free meals?) to islanders who go there to gamble; and bring all the profits (the money they lose) home to the state's coffers.

I don't know how much is lost now, but when I first suggested this in the '70s, it was in excess of $20 million a year left in Las Vegas by Hawaii residents. We could bring that money back home without bringing crime, the Mafia and increased social ills to our beautiful island home.

If it works in Vegas, we could expand it to run similar operations in Reno, Laughlin, Tahoe, even Atlantic City. We could make money off gambling, without permitting it in the islands.

Keith Haugen


Greedy, failed CEOs don't deserve bailouts

Before giving these bailouts to the banks, replace all the CEOs and their boards of directors. They are the ones who are responsible for all these bank failures. They enrich themselves while the companies are going downhill. In fact, instead of giving the bank bailouts, give them to their employees and those who are in danger of losing their homes. Makes me sick to see these same greedy people enrich themselves and get bailouts and still run the companies. Let them go bankrupt and start from scratch or replace them first.

Too many people are losing their homes to foreclosures, losing their jobs because these greedy CEOs, boards of directors and top management have taken advantage to enrich themselves. To give or take bonuses, the company should be making money, not losing it. Stock holders are also responsible for letting this happen. They should be the ones who get rid of their board of directors, CEOs and any top management when they are losing money while their CEOs are getting millions in compensation.

No to bailouts unless all CEOs, their boards and top management are replaced!

Francis K. Ibara

Kahului, Maui

What does future hold for state retirees?

It's 2:19 a.m. as I write this, and I'm worried sick. I'm a state of Hawaii retiree, having worked at University of Hawaii for 20 years (from 1969 to 1989) and two years at the Hawaii State Library (from 1967 to 1969). There are bills before our state Legislature to take away our state retiree benefits to some degree. I wonder if it means that I'll have to lose my retirement independence as a result and maybe apply for food stamps with some of my health coverage taken away by these proposed bills. Auwe, state of Hawaii!

Franklin Kam


What America really needs is motivation

I just came out of the “;Get Motivated”; seminar at the Blaisdell and all I can say is, “;Who did all the selling on Monday and Tuesday in Honolulu?”;

It was tremendous to see so many people willing to show up Wednesday and be trained by some of the greatest empowerment coaches in America today.

Congratulations to all who attended and are now considering their own motivations as they consider their personal finances.

We will never turn America or Hawaii around by “;creating jobs.”; We will turn America around as we teach people to dream again and to take action toward their dreams.

Whatever the channel, each American should own their own enterprise and, in the words of Henry David Thoreau, “;Move confidently in the direction of your dreams.”;

Our speakers encouraged more than 10,000 citizens this weekend to do exactly that. Well done, Peter Lowe and friends! Come back soon. Hawaii is blessed by what you bring to the people.

Tom Watson

Owner, Powerhouse Media Associates




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