HPD credits 4 in burglary arrests


POSTED: Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's not every day that a mother tells her teenage son to chase burglars, but that's what Michelle Kokoo did.




Honored by HPD

        Others awarded at HPD's fourth-quarter awards ceremony:

» Officer Eric Matsumoto of the community affairs section was awarded Employee of the Quarter for his work in responding to queries from the public, conducting tours and arranging special events.


» The Pearl City district's second watch won Unit of the Quarter for responding to more than 4,000 cases.


» Christopher Bush, Brian Engcabo and Kaipualani Lopaka, city Department of Parks and Recreation employees, were awarded Certificates of Merit for chasing and identifying a purse-snatching suspect.


» Jennifer Ogle and officer Keoni Young received Certificates of Merit for helping to save a suicidal woman's life.


» Officer John Otto was awarded a Certificate of Merit for being stabbed in the abdomen while arresting a suspect for outstanding warrants.


» Martin Miller and London Seiuli were awarded Certificates of Merit for chasing and stopping a theft suspect in Waikiki.


“;My mom is crazy sometimes,”; said 15-year-old Bryson Kokoo, laughing.

Michelle Kokoo also helped to chase the burglars with her son after her 11-year-old daughter alerted her.

It was already an exciting story for that Jan. 10 morning, but when a Handi-Van driver and an Army sergeant also joined in the chase, it ended up with four people being honored by the Honolulu Police Department. Michelle Kokoo did not get an award, but her two children did.

Police officials honored yesterday at Kahala Mall a number of officers and residents who assisted in law enforcement.

“;Through your actions, you've shown that you really care about our community,”; police Chief Boisse Correa said.

The burglary chase began when Amanda Kokoo was riding her bicycle on Sereno Street near her Liliha-area home. She said she saw a man and a woman leave a neighbor's home with three shopping bags. She went in and told her mother.

“;Then I said, 'You know what, Bryson? Let's go chase them,'”; the mother said. “;I was just upset by it. It was like they were laughing at us.”;

Handi-Van driver Mark Daligdig saw the chase shortly after it began and sprang into action, leaving behind his vehicle, which did not have passengers.

“;First thing I saw was a laptop sticking out of one of the shopping bags,”; he said. “;I thought that wasn't right.”;

Daligdig chased the suspects with responding police officers who were able to detain the woman as her partner fled.

Daligdig continued his pursuit and was approaching Kuakini Medical Center, where Army Sgt. Dean Rudolph was waiting for his girlfriend to finish work.

When he saw Rudolph, “;I told him, 'He's headed out to the bridge,'”; Daligdig said.

Rudolph then jumped a fence and a bridge to cut off the male suspect.

“;He put a choke hold on him,”; Daligdig said with a smile.

“;The Army training just kicked in,”; Rudolph said. “;Everybody did the real hard work. By the time he got to me, he was tired.”;

The four were awarded with Certificates of Merit at yesterday's celebration.

“;I thank all of the awardees,”; Correa said.

“;Those receiving a Certificate of Merit embody the true spirit of community service and aloha.”;