Dozens of callers a day report animals that are lost or in danger


POSTED: Thursday, February 12, 2009

Question: We found a lost dog. Why is it taking the Humane Society so long to come get it?

Answer: The issue is most likely the sheer volume of requests for services, or that other calls are taking precedence - for example, those reporting an animal in immediate danger.

The Humane Society responds to more than 40 calls a day, with more than 15,000 calls for animal-related issues received last year. This work is done with as few as a three to four officers on duty on any given day for all of Oahu.

You can be an animal's hero by simply bringing the animal to the shelter. Lost animals are accepted any time, day or night.

Q: But I just can't make that drive.

A: Consider looking for the owner yourself. File a “;found”; report by calling the Humane Society and keep the animal safe at your home. A friendly, lost animal can also be taken to your nearest veterinarian's office to be scanned for a microchip. If there's an implant or license and the Humane Society has the owner's current contact information, a reunion can take place right in your neighborhood.

Q: We have heard rumors that the trucks used to pick up animals get hot and can cause heatstroke.

A: When you see a Humane Society truck in your neighborhood, it means a rescue is in progress. That's good news. Even better news is that these trucks are entirely air-conditioned, including each individual animal compartment.

Specially designed for animal welfare agencies, the Humane Society trucks come from a manufacturer on the mainland and are like those used by animal rescuers all across the country.


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