The medium delivers the message


POSTED: Monday, February 09, 2009

For Neil Tepper, photography is the perfect medium for sharing and communicating.

A self-taught shooter, Tepper got started in photography as a college student when he was working on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean.

“;The scenery was so amazing. I wanted to share these scenes with other people,”; he says.

He worked as a creative director for many years, and today is a creative coach as well as a photographer and writer.

“;I've been using photography as a medium to communicate and to share”; Tepper says.

He started with Nikon cameras shooting film, something he feels is important in terms of understanding how light works.

He learned through metering with his old Nikon, but when the meter went out, he opted to shoot without it, forcing him to understand the way light works. “;I tried to capture as much as possible through the viewfinder. I come from that purist place,”; he says.

He has since made the switch to digital photography, which he feels is no different from film in that the basic concepts remain the same.

“;I'm very simplified in terms of technology,”; he says, adding that he uses only minimal manipulation on his pictures. “;I do like what I can do with boosting the exposure.”;

He does find, however, that technology can add an extra dimension to images, for better or worse.

“;Technology is a wonderful servant but a gnarly master,”; he says. “;I find that sometimes (technology) rules. We've gotten to a place where technology serves our lives in all elements.”;