Q&A: What advice do you have for President and Mrs. Obama in raising their daughters?


POSTED: Monday, February 09, 2009

; Tyler Martinez, Junior
Allow your daughters to be themselves and not someone you want them to be.



; Kelsey Teller, Junior
Set aside time every day for family time, such as time before going to bed to talk and review the day's events.



; Jessica Cardenas, Junior
Treat your daughters like normal kids. Don't spoil them too much just because they live in the White House. Have them make their beds and hang up their clothes.



; Fathima Lau, Junior
Have occasional family vacations in Hawaii or in different countries. This will expand their global knowledge at the same time as giving time for the family to be together.



; Geraldine Agag, Junior
Take the girls to church regularly to build their faith and help them have hope. Church activities can help them be better people.



; Sarah Freece, Junior
Tell the media to give them privacy. Negotiate with the media and provide photo opportunities so that the girls can be left alone on a daily basis.



; Alexa Fernandez, Sophomore
Get them involved in sports, which builds character, teaches discipline and teamwork, and motivates them to try new things.



; Chelsie Neves, Senior
Let them take music lessons because it teaches perseverance and appreciation for the arts.