A three-martini lunch on steroids - in Vietnam


POSTED: Friday, February 06, 2009

Marcus Bender, begetter of Kai Vodka and Kai Lychee Vodka, has a new way to promote his spirits - a tour package to Vietnam, where Kai is created.




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Kai Vodka LLC has partnered with Honolulu-based Events International Inc. and Pleasant Holidays LLC for the unique travel promotion.

There's nothing new about tour packages and the three-way partnership is akin to Napa Valley wine tours, said Bender.

It's just that this tour promotes specific products by a Hawaii company.

The Kai Exotic Vietnam Adventure will offer a 10-day trip starting at $2,925 and a 13-day trip starting at $3,435. Both prices are per person, double occupancy. Transportation, hotels and some meals are included.

Kai's typical customer is “;probably 23 and up, but on the younger side,”; said David Booth, Events International president.

“;I wanted to put together a tour program that reflected the interests of that audience.”;

In other words, no flocks following the flag-bearing tourist-herder.

The trips will offer a blend of destinations, outdoor activities, culinary experiences and nightlife at the “;hippest, trendiest clubs.”; There will be “;lots of time for people's own exploration,”; though a guide and drivers will greet them at each stop and lead the way.

“;A Cook's Tour”; by Anthony Bourdain and similar shows have spiked interest in travel to Vietnam “;a lot,”; Booth said.

It was that sort of authentic, versus touristy travel, that the companies sought to assemble.

“;I'm always looking for win-win situations and this is just a classic, falling-out-of-the-truck”; example, Booth said.

Times are tough now but “;the economy will come back and people will be traveling again and I'm sure if people are traveling, they're looking for value.”;

The launch will be announced within days at Kai's Web site.


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