New Trojan trend shows gladiator style


POSTED: Monday, February 02, 2009

Past years at Mililani High School have been dominated by the trends of slippers and Converse shoes. Recently, however, female students are donning a type of footwear that fits in perfectly at the home of the Trojans: gladiators. Making their modern comeback, these sandals are flat and strappy and wrap around the ankle. With the many styles available, MHS students are able to show their personality and individual fashion sense.

Gladiators first started appearing in magazines and on television, and then on the MHS campus. Senior Danielle Rodriguez first began buying gladiators because they “;look cute and have good prices.”;

“;Ever since the stars started wearing them, I've seen girls at Mililani wearing them,”; she said.

Senior Julia Scibilia commented, “;One person started wearing them and then everyone.”;

Students find gladiators appealing for a number of reasons, but the big advantage for many is the variety available. While gladiators have the general appearance of being sleek and flat, there are different types, which can be either casual or dressy, feminine or bold. Some gladiators showcase a delicate, elegant style with thin straps. Others are much bolder and have a chunky design.

Such variety provides much versatility. These sandals can be worn with almost anything, whether it is denim, skirts or dresses. Freshman Sierra Kee prefers to wears gladiators with “;a cute blouse and skinny jeans.”; Junior Kamlynn Chow said, “;I can just roll out of bed and just take out anything from my closet and then just wear my sandals, and then I'm good.”;

Unlike slippers, gladiators, even the casual ones, can dress up any outfit. Senior Paige Yenke said, “;The designs, the different straps, it's better than wearing regular flip-flops. It looks more fashionable.”;

Not only are the sandals attractive, but they also are comfortable and wearable during any weather. This is a plus at MHS, where red dirt is everywhere and the occasional heavy rain floods the sidewalks. “;I like that (gladiators) have straps, so when it's rainy it doesn't get slippery,”; Rodriguez said.

Gladiators were the spring and summer trend for 2008 but are still leaving their mark at MHS. “;(It's been a trend) since last year, and it's staying,”; said sophomore Bianca Sewake. With weather that allows one to wear open shoes all year long, gladiators will remain an invaluable addition to the female student's wardrobe.