Finding a job in tough economic times


POSTED: Sunday, February 01, 2009

During tough economic times, more jobs seekers are vying for fewer positions.

But this doesn't mean that the right job isn't somewhere out there for the right candidate. It may require more work to find it, or it may mean more training is required, or that it's time to go back to school - or switch directions entirely.

Beth Busch, president of Success Advertising Hawaii, says it's important to put in every extra effort - polish up resumes and portfolios and have them handy, do homework on companies, and dress to impress.

“;If there was one piece of advice I would give people, it's attitude,”; she said. “;Have a good attitude, and understand you're no longer in a job seeker pool that is so shallow employers have to take whatever there is. Now the job seeker pool is deep.”;

Busch said it's also a good idea not to carry over any bitterness left over from being laid off into the next interview.

The next WorkForce job fair is scheduled for May 20 at the Blaisdell Center with more details to come.

So far, companies that have pre-registered are looking for security guards, nurses, substitute teachers, environmental compliance officers, and safety technicians, among other positions.

Many times, learning of a new job may come through networking or word of mouth rather than the classifieds. Sometimes, it might be smart to let headhunters know of one's availability.

Sarah Hodell, a career counselor at Windward Community College, is an advocate of taking a class or several classes during time in between jobs.

“;It's very important to take the time out to really reflect and choose a direction that's going to work for you,”; she said.

“;Each person is a unique individual. If at all possible, people need an opportunity to stop, look and reflect.”;