Uncontrollable changes


POSTED: Friday, January 30, 2009

Just like its name, Shiny Toy Guns wants to dazzle you with its sometimes assaultive dazzle of Goth-'80s-inspired rawk.





        On stage: 9 p.m. Friday

Place: Pipeline Cafe, 805 Pohukaina St.


Tickets: $25, $50 VIP


Call: (877) 750-4400 or visit www.ticketmaster.com


Also: 8 p.m. Saturday at Rockstarz Nightclub in Kailua-Kona. Tickets $25, 21 and over. Visit www.myspace.com/



The quartet of Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson, Mikey Martin and its newest female vocalist, Sisely Treasure, are the latest hype band out of El Lay, by way of the Oklahoman Midwest.

You can catch the band in the islands this weekend, touring in support of their newly released sophomore album “;Season of Poison.”;

There's still a bit of the band's original synth-electro sound that got them their initial hit, 2006's dance rock number “;Le Disko,”; when singer Carah Faye Charnow was still in the band.

Charnow would exit to move to Sweden, which later made room for Treasure, a singer in her own right. Treasure was poised for a solo career, but she was also a big fan of STG. Petree and Dawson tracked her down in England and passionately made their case for her to join their group.

“;She packed a backpack, went to London Heathrow Airport and flew to Oklahoma, and we made a record,”; Dawson told livedaily.com back in late September. “;We're super, super pumped. She's not Carah and Carah's not her. They're two different girls, with two different voices and they're two different people. We were happy to death with Carah and we're happy to death with Sisely.”;




MySpace: Shiny Toy Guns


Treasure shares vocal duties with Petree, and if the new album is any indication, expect high drama both in balladry and rock crunch, sometimes approximating the intensity of Nine Inch Nails.

Shiny Toy Guns' attempt for The Big Gesture shows in their attitude and publicity stills. The band had a taste of fame when their 2006 album, “;We are Pilots,”; earned a Grammy award nomination the following year.

Dawson said the new album is titled “;Season of Poison”; as a reference to things in life that are uncontrollable, such as pregnancy, death, life, birth, children and cheating spouses.

“;It's anything that, when you wake up one day and you make coffee and you get an e-mail and you open it, and right then your life just changed, bam,”; he said in the livedaily.com interview. “;From the time you clicked on the e-mail to five seconds before that, you were a completely different person.

“;We went everywhere with it. We didn't lose the electronics, we lost the clubby booch-booch-booch sound. We replaced that with more of an electronica sound instead of a club sound.”;