Dr. Laura's harangue live on isle stage


POSTED: Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a force of nature—albeit a petite one—either abrasive or beautifully authentic, depending on your point of view. But here's the most genuine part of the syndicated radio personality: She really does not care what you think of her. Perhaps that's why 8.2 million people listen to the daily three-hour “;Take on the Day: The Dr. Laura Show”; each week.





        » What: Dr. Laura Schlessinger's “;In My Never to Be Humble Opinion,”; a one-woman theatrical show on tour

» When: 7 p.m. today


» Place: Hawaii Theatre




  Cost: $19 to $49


For more information about the Dr. Laura radio show, visit www.drlaura.com.



Despite the best-selling books, e-mails, blog, YouTube channel, podcasts and sold-out national theatrical run, Schlessinger insists her brand is “;totally unimportant to me. ... I don't worry about being successful. I just do my job, and that is to help people be better in their lives. It's very rewarding that my haranguing ... makes a positive difference.”;

Dr. Laura, as she's known to her legions of fans (who stumbled over “;Schlessinger”; and simplified the brand for her), spoke to the American Advertising Federation of Hawaii on Tuesday, a last-minute addition to her scheduled appearance at the Hawaii Theatre tonight. The primary purpose of her visit to Hawaii is a final performance of the one-woman theatrical show that has been touring the country. It gives listeners a chance to see the voice in person and glimpse part of her daily life. She'll unveil some of the e-mails she receives, share personal stories from the past 30 years on the air and offer advice prompted by audience questions.

“;I like to be free-form,”; Schlessinger said. Presumably, her theatrical show contains plenty of Dr. Laura doing what she does best, which is to delve into ethics and family values in a no-nonsense manner that some might even deem judgmental.

Indeed, Schlessinger admitted that focusing on politics would have been far easier. “;I hit people where they live and how they live ... and how they're responsible for their own lives.”;

She paused. “;Everybody takes that personally.”;

The good news is that such intimate topics never go out of style—even after global tragedies.

“;No matter what's happening in the bigger sphere, people's lives go on,”; she said.

Staying fresh and relevant also means remaining engaged outside the studio. The Santa Barbara, Calif.-based celebrity's pursuits include riding a Harley-Davidson, lifting weights, practicing yoga, climbing mountains, boxing (bags, not people) and making exercise videos for people over 50. She also makes jewelry to sell on her Web site, donating 100 percent of the proceeds to Operation Family Fund, which assists families of fallen soldiers.

Her ability to provoke controversy is no different from other radio hosts, but what makes her unique is her vibrancy, intelligence and willingness to do the right thing, according to Jake Russell, chief operating officer of Dr. Laura's show.

“;Believe it or not,”; he added, “;she has an opinion on everything.”;