Victim of dogs' attack regrets owner's loss


POSTED: Thursday, January 29, 2009

Diana Furtado feels the pain of deep wounds ripped open by two pit bulls.

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Dog Victim, Diane Furtado said that she suffered leg injuries from the attack but will not press charges on the dogs owner, her neighbor.

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Yet she bears no ill will toward her neighbors who owned the dogs, and even feels sorry for them.

“;I felt sorry for them that they had to (put them down),”; Furtado, 59, said. “;They had the dogs for three years since they were pups.”;

Shortly before noon Tuesday, Furtado's grandson saw the two blue-nose pit bulls loose outside the gate at the back entrance of Kapolei High School.

They were usually kept in a kennel inside a totally enclosed fenced yard, said Genevieve Teixeira, a neighbor and owner of the dogs.

Teixeira had stepped out to drop something off down the street and left the dogs free in the yard.

Furtado felt that the dogs knew her, and she had been in their yard before with the dogs loose.

Furtado said she feared that the dogs might attack students since school was letting out soon.

She yelled at the dogs from her driveway to go home, got them inside their yard and stepped inside the yard with them. As she was about to close the gate, “;they went straight for my legs.”;

One dog pulled on her right leg like a rag, trying to shred her leg and holding on, she said.

The second dog attacked her left calf. Furtado did not scream; just punched the second dog in the nose, causing him to release the calf and attack her thigh.

“;My husband went into a panic,”; she said, after seeing “;a lot of blood gushing out.”;

In the aftermath of the attack, Teixeira, a respiratory therapist, has been helping Furtado, a diabetic, by changing the dressing on her bandages. She said she loves the Furtados, who she said are like her grandparents.

“;We've been there for each other,”; she said.

Teixeira said, “;I hurt emotionally, spiritually, mentally, but she's physically in pain.”;

Furtado said, “;I felt bad for her. She really felt hurt because of what the dogs did to me. She's constantly calling. She really cares. She's changed my bandages.

Furtado said, “;I told John (Teixeira), 'You don't have to (euthanize the dogs).' He said, 'No, I have to because they could have attacked anyone, like the kids.'”;

Genevieve Teixeira said, “;Human life is much more precious than animals, and we wanted to do what is right. We didn't want our neighbors to feel like they have to live in fear.”;