Chapman trial focuses on his behavior in car


POSTED: Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reality television show star Timothy Chapman will demonstrate how he wiped spilled orange juice off his groin area while seated in his pickup truck last year near Ala Moana Center, defense attorney Brook Hart said.

Chapman, a cast member of the cable television show “;Dog the Bounty Hunter,”; is on trial in state court on charges of indecent exposure and terroristic threatening for allegedly masturbating in a bank parking lot and driving his truck toward a security guard before fleeing. He is not related to the show's main star, Duane “;Dog”; Chapman.



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A side kick of bounty hunter Duane Dog Chapman was charged with indecent exposure and terroristic threatening.

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  In court yesterday, witness Kimberly Lum testified that when she walked past the front of Timothy Chapman's truck, she saw a male masturbating in the front seat. She said she did not see his face, but she described his actions graphically in court.

Ala Moana security officer Jason Wessel testified that when he arrived at the parking lot in response to Lum's report of a male fondling himself, Chapman was moving from the front seat of the truck to the back seat.

According to Hart, Chapman was on his way to Ala Moana Center Jan. 3, 2008, when he spilled some orange juice on himself, primarily on the crotch of his pants.

He said Chapman turned into the Bank of Hawaii Ala Moana branch parking lot to wipe himself off and change trousers in the back seat of his pickup.

Because there was a child seat on one side and a container of clothing on the other, Hart said Chapman had to sit on the back seat's center console to wipe himself off. He had to change trousers twice, Hart said, because the first pair was too big and he could not find a belt.

When he changed a second time, Hart said, Chapman realized he did not wipe himself off completely the first time so did so again.

Hart attempted to discredit Lum's testimony by asking her a number of blunt questions about masturbation, including one that was thrown out by Judge Richard Perkins.

Hart said he will present testimony from an expert who examined Chapman's trousers and confirmed the presence of orange juice.

He said he will also present testimony from a traffic reconstruction expert to confirm Chapman's claim that he was not trying to run over Wessel. Hart said Chapman turned his front wheels in Wessel's direction to avoid hitting a newspaper vending machine and a pillar before jumping a curb and driving onto a sidewalk to flee.