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POSTED: Sunday, January 25, 2009

;  ”;Mama & Me: Words to Uplift”;
By Barbara Kim-Yamashita
Available through the Hawaii Education Association

  In caring for her bedridden mother, the author discovered her own inner strength and desire to make a better life for herself.

Barbara Kim-Yamashita was in college when her mother, a headstrong immigrant from Korea, was stricken with a massive stroke. With her life suddenly spiraling out of control, Kim-Yamashita took to caring for her mother while still attending school.

Of course, bills needed to be paid, and this led to the need for part-time jobs, one of which was hosting a Sunday television program called “;Televi Digest.”;

At the same time, she continued her studies, and eventually climbed the ranks at the Department of Education. All the while, her mother's strength and guidance helped her keep her head screwed on straight.

These stories are covered in the second part of the book, where the author doles out anecdotes sprinkled with the wisdom of Mom. Going out on a date? “;Young people should not make Mama worry.”; Doing the shopping? “;Young lady, you have to know when to save.”; Win the student election? “;Now you have to act like a ripe bean pod.”;