Lizard king


POSTED: Monday, January 12, 2009

Geckos are a common sight in Hawaii, although more often than not they're those drab gray ones clinging to the window screen, hunting for a meal.

Photographer Allen Hu, 22, has focused his attention on gold dust day geckos, which are plentiful at Kapiolani Community College, where he is a student.

"I couldn't find anywhere better than KCC for the geckos," he says.

He was drawn to them for several reasons, but their strong colors were a big attraction.

"Most colors in Hawaii are green and blue. The geckos have green, red and blue (in their hands), so it makes sense that they represent Hawaii," he says.

Hu has been shooting for only about a half a year but has made fast strides in improving his craft, using digital cameras and macro lenses to photograph the geckos.

It takes patience to get the shots he wants.

"I have to be careful when I get close to them. Sometimes I scare them and they run off," Hu says. "But some aren't scared so I can get very close. When they focus on something else, they forget about me."

Hu is trying to increase the size of his gecko photo portfolio, and sees a potential for his pictures.

"When I search online, there are only a few nice pictures, so I think this is a potential project for me," he says.

For more of Hu's photography, visit www.pbase.com/yilinhu.