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POSTED: Thursday, December 25, 2008

A little wish for a brighter Christmas

My Christmas Wish

Maybe such a little word,

But when it's sent your way

It says many sincere things

That other words can't say -

-It says “;You're being thought about”;

It says “;You're nice to know”;

I hope it adds a touch of love ...

As God blesses you from above.

Merry Christmas.

Arsenio Ramirez Pelayo

Holiday charity begins with every one of us

During these economic hard times, many people have lost or will lose their jobs. There is no better time than Christmas to think about our commitment to humanity. Charity organizations are in desperate need of our donations. And yet, people do not eat just once a year, they eat every day. Therefore our donations to charities should be a year-round commitment.

I believe that all religions teach about charity. Therefore, it will be the religious leaders' responsibility to set a good example and to encourage their followers to help out the homeless and those who are hungry. How about donating a few dollars or a few cans of food every time they come to worship their god? Then the volunteers will take the donations to either the Hawaii Foodbank or another charitable organization every week or every month.

The small sacrifices we make for people in need will bring joy to our hearts, which money cannot buy. Christmas will mean nothing to us if we do not practice what we are being taught, which is “;love thy neighbor”; and being a good Samaritan.

Cecilia Graybeal

We all have many blessings to celebrate

During our Christmas revelry and festivities, we can surely spend a moment to reflect on the spirit of this holiday.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and his timeless message of good will, hope and peace. It is a message that has found purchase throughout an often-troubled world and one that has continued to influence and inspire in so many cultures and languages.

While this holiday season finds us facing challenges both domestic and foreign, we can find joy in the love of family and friends, comfort in the abundance and opportunity of life in Hawaii and our nation, and hope in the knowledge that brotherhood and good will always prevail. On this occasion, I hope you will join me in a prayer of thanksgiving for these many blessings.

Gail joins me in wishing you a Mele Kalikimaka.

Mufi Hannemann
Honolulu mayor

This isn't the time for lawmakers' pay raise

A 36 percent pay raise for legislators on Jan. 1 is excessive when private sector employees are taking cuts in salary, hours and benefits. The $35,900 a year legislators are getting for part-time work is not bad at all; most people I know are barely making $40,000 from full-time work this year. Using taxpayer money to raise salaries by almost $13,000 per legislator in today's economy is just not right!

John H. Rego Jr.

At least one judge gets it right

It's good to see a judge do what's right simply because it's right. Your Dec. 4, issue describes bankruptcy Judge Lloyd King's blasting of Mesa Air Group's (aka go! Airlines) attempt to acquire Aloha Airlines' name after forcing Aloha out of business by Mesa's predatory practices.

Earl Warren, former chief of justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, was sometimes criticized for asking, “;But is it fair?”; when considering a court decision. This is the heart of the American justice system and when something is obviously unfair (even if technically legal), we need to have our judges stand tall and say “;absolutely not.”;

Mesa's local name in Hawaii should be “;Liar's Airline”; based upon its CEO's claim that it had no intention of forcing Aloha or Hawaiian out of business and then proceeding to do exactly that with its ticket sales at rates far below any possible profitability (not to mention its obviously false testimony in the Hawaiian Airlines case).

King got it right. People should not be allowed to profit by their misdeeds.

Jack C. Morse

We can't afford raises for state workers now

The governor's proposal to suspend salary increases is a step in the right direction. It would be indefensible to use my taxes for pay increases at a time when tax money can be put to better use on infrastructure and services!

This is an issue of fiscal responsibility and all government employees should follow the governor's lead, especially the legislators and the union representatives.

Derek Gapol





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